Ride Science

As I prepare to transition into winter training mode, wanted to give some feedback on the bike fit. As noted in an earlier message, saw significant gains in my power and a change in my heart rate max (still not clear how this happened, but will take it) and feel very comfortable on the bike. After purchasing a new cross bike this fall, transferred the setup to the CX bike and feel equally as comfortable – it is almost eerie how comfortable I am on the bike while riding. At the start of the year, I had four primary goals. Increase my average riding speed, win a cyclocross race, podium at State CX Championships and a sub-2 hour iceman (inclusive of closing the time gap to the leaders in my age group). The results, I did see an increase in my average speed training and racing, this includes a prep race for the iceman that I rode about 8% faster and 30% more climbing than the year prior. As for cyclocross, I am still hunting for a win but did pull off a third in my age group at State Championship. As for the Iceman, I did meet my goals. Recognizing that the course was shorter this year than last, by the numbers I rode faster than last year and closed the time gap to the leaders by a large percentage. Thank you again for your time taken during the fit and the subsequent follow up. Regards, Jeffery Hill

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